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Aluminium vs PVC Bifolds – Which are best for me?

Aluminium vs PVC Bifolds – Which are best for me?

Bifold doors are one of the best ways to maximise natural light into your home and provide seamless and innovative ways to move between your home and outside and completely open up your space. With the bifolds unique way of stacking, your home and garden merge into one and allow for that open-plan feel with your home.


You might be wondering which material is best for bifold doors. PVC or Aluminium?


PVC is a popular material for bifold doors that is typically chosen in smaller homes due to its versatility, PVC are usually avoided for larger installations where slim and sleek sightlines are critical. PVC requires minimal maintenance and are easy to manage and keep clean and looking good. Its insulation qualities are effective to keep the cold out and your heat in. With PVC you could find they are very susceptible to temperature changes. This can make them very frustrating and difficult to open and close if the PVC has expanded when hot. PVC bifolds can be seen as poor quality or have a cheap look to them, especially when compared with aluminium bifolds.



Here at Prime Glazing there is a clear winner and only the one choice when it comes to bifolds and that is Aluminium. Aluminium has a great strength which provides the best fit for a bifold door, keeping your home safe and secure. As well as being very strong they are also flexible which allows for the slimmest sightlines and ultra-slim frames. Aluminium bifolds are also a much more sustainable choice due to being fully recyclable and also being highly scratch and fade resistant meaning your aluminium bifolds will look amazing for years to come, they wont corrode or rust and are designed to keep that stylish look that will impress you and your guests. Our PrimeFOLD Aluminium doors provide the ideal way to have that ultramodern feel for your home as we allow for our bifolds to be created in ANY RAL colour making it that much easier to create any style you desire for your home or even match up to your current colour scheme. Aluminium bifolds are sure to add extra value to any property, as the products previously mentioned longevity will ensure it’s a sound investment if you ever decide to sell in the future.


PrimeFOLD bifolds

We are delighted to be your manufacturer for PRIMEFOLD, which is an innovative aluminium folding sliding door that incorporates a radically different product design to deliver thinner sight lines, giving you a cleaner modern architectural look that provides optimum light.

Practical and beautiful, without having to compromise performance, PRIMEFOLD Bi-Fold doors were created to combine the desirability and durability of aluminium with unparalleled insulation. Competitively priced, PRIMEFOLD bi-fold doors are unbeatable in quality, insulation and price.

Strong and secure, PRIMEFOLD doors come with class leading security built in, backed by a comprehensive 10-year product guarantee, reinforced by the ERA Five Star security guarantee. Inwards or outwards opening doors up to 6m wide, with as many as 7 opening sashes glide along custom designed tracks. While a wealth of colour, style and configuration options; helping you choose the perfect warm, secure and beautiful bi-fold doors for your home.

Design your dream bi-folding doors online

It couldn’t be any easier to do, get a quote within a few clicks and design your dream bifolds! – Bi Fold Door Designer – Prime Glazing (prime-glazing.co.uk)